Author Topic: Forbiddenscape's Rules!  (Read 93 times)

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Forbiddenscape's Rules!
« on: January 14, 2011, 06:02:37 pm »
Claiming to be Jagex
Swearing outloud = 3 warnings, if continued, mute
Claiming to be able to sue us

Invisibility Glitch
Trading accounts in any way

Selling/Buying Accounts in any wa
Account sharing
Botting/Saying your Botting

Constantly Abusing - depends on how bad it is.
Swear on ::yell channel = 3 warnings, then mute.
Creating an unsuitable name = Ban, if you come back again with another =  Ipban.
Advertising other servers
Insulting the Server = Warnings, then mute. If carried on, ban.
Impersonation of Staff/Saying you're a hidden owner etc.
Using a cheat client
Racism = Mute, if continued, Ipmute.
Disrespect for Staff = Warnings, then mute. If carried on, ban.
Luring players
Spamming = Multiple warnings, then Mute.


Abusing = Forum Ban.
Thread Digging = Forum Ban after 3 grave digs. 4 Infractions per gravedig.Posting on a 2-month old last post is considered gravedig.
Off Topic Threads/Spam = Multiple account warnings, if continued, then ban.
Impersonation = IPban
Advertising = IPban.

Trying to prove a Mod+ wrong = Ban, if right, no Ban.
Links to make money = Ban or Infractions.
Trolling = Instant-ban.


Green: Mute or just a temporary ban. - Low Risk

Orange: Ban. - Moderate Risk

Red: Ipban. - High Risk
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