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Re: rang
« on: June 07, 2011, 05:39:42 pm »
An easy way to get 99 range and make cash

1. You start with a short bow. Then go to rock crabs. Once you are there, train to 50 range.
2. Your range level is 50. Now you can use a magic shortbow & rune arrows.
3. There are two ways you can do this next step. 1. You use magic bow to get 99 range which I did. Or, you get 60 range and use a rune cross-bow.
4. If you follow you should get 99 range in no time

Note: Get atleast 40 defence
Once you get 50 range and 40 defence, watch this video by me. It's really going to help.

Copy & Paste that. Your spelling and grammar was too bad for me to handle. No offence.


+ There's better monsters to train on. Hill giants are good because they drop the rune arrows & they're also good because you get clue scrolls which can be quite exciting for newer players. + I also recommend adding in somewhere to buy an avas accumalator. You literally use 1\5 of the arrows you'd use without it. 

- Crystal xxx