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((((99 Slayer Guide!!!))))
« on: June 02, 2011, 04:52:57 am »
hello guys this is my slayer guide

requirements to start slayer:
70/75 attack
85+ strength
1/45 defence
85+ ranged (for those who range this)
75/94 magic (for those who mage it
70/95 prayer 85+ constitution (hp)

slayer is a simple skill but some ppl have some problems with it.
so i'm gonna make a guide to get it easy and fast less than a week
getting a task: first of all go home
then you gotta find someone called duradel

click on him and say "i need another slayer task"
he will say something like " 25 green dragons"
an easy monster for slaying is abyssal demons
just do ::resettask and keep asking for a new slayer task
untill he will say something like this " 32 abyssal demons"
to get there you have to go slayer tower
abyssal demons are on the 3rd floor.

u will see while slaying this monster will drop whips and alot of dds
heres a short drop list and drop rate:
-whip (2 %)
-bones (100%)
also this drop rates is calculated by me so they're not the exact ones
also an abysall demon will give 16,000 slayer xp when u kill it (protect melee while fighting then)
so u gonna need to kill 815 of them
now just slay till u see under in the chatbox something like "ur slayer task is done please get another"
then just get another and repeat the progress
if u keep going and keep training
tthen u get 99 slayer easy!

so this wa my guide
wear the cape with proud

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